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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 24, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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louisiana. now the coast guard has been out overnight trying to put out the flames, having trouble trying to contain the fire. this comes hours after 50 employees had to be vac waited because the well blew out. fortunately, no injuries have been reported. happening today, aaron hernandez will be back in court. even more trouble is looming for the tight end. police believe that hernandez was with the victims the night of the murders at the club, an suv connected to the case was recently taken from the home of hernandez's uncle. today's hearing is a probable cause hearing in the murder of odin lloyd. growing cause this morning for anthony weiner to drop out of the new york mayoral race.
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this happened a year after he resigned from congress. he can't say exactly when. >> i can't -- i can't say exactly. some time last summer i think. the early days of the campaign, people were pressing me is there any more out there? i said, yes, i said that there was. and so, to some degree this was something that we had in front of us as huma just acknowledged that we knew might come up. >> his wife standing beside him that she's forgiven him. shoddy workmanship might be responsible for the deaths of soldiers in afghanistan. covering roadside drains with thick metal was not completed properly. the purpose was to prevent insurgents from planting
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roadside bombs. the men have been arrested and charged with fraud and an investigation is under way of how many u.s. soldiers have done as a result of it. the moment we have been waiting for. prince william and kate middleton revealing their brand-new baby boy to the world. his first royal wave on the steps of st. mary's hospital. the proud parents said they haven't settled yet on a name. >> he got a good pair of lungs, that's for sure. he's a big boy, he's quite heavy. we're still working on a name. >> it's such a special time. any paesht can sort of what this feeling feels like. >> shehe did wave a little bit
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there. afterwards, they went back into the hospital but emerged moments later with william carrying his son in a car seat. the three of them e venn dhully heading off to kensington palace. kate wore a polka dot dress. all eyes on the midwest today, president obama set to deliver two speeches on the economy, as he lays out his vision for the middle class. his first stop, knox college in illinois. >> ainsley, good morning. the president will try to remind people that he's concerned about the direction of the economy, although the economic problems facing the city of detroit may complicate matters. i don't expect much the white house says in the way of initiates. the government he thinks needs to do more to stimulate the
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recovery. >> and in order to do that we need to make wise investments in education, infrastructure and not cut those programs so that we can protect special interests >> but those needs macon flikt with problems like detroit's bankruptcy. well aware that the public has zero interest in a massive bailout. they're trying to figure out to assist union workers in detroit. this comes as the president's approval numbers especially related to the economy are falling. >> but i do think one of the reasons he's giving these speeches is because he hasn't talked about r enough about the economy. people care about the economy. they don't care as much as guns, immigration and syria, which washington has been consumed with in recent months. >> the president is going to deliver the first of three speeches starting in illinois, then going to missouri and then
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finally, on thursday, he'll be speaking about the economy in florida. heather? >> all right, thank you very much, doug, live for us this morning. >> thank you, ainsley as well. the first federal hearing in a federal court over its record bankruptcy filing. public workers and retirees raced to challenged the bankruptcy, they said it's against the state's constitution because it would cut pensions. the city's emergency management said that bankruptcy is the only option for detroit to get out of the hole. more troubling signs this morning for obama care, support is now even dropped among moderate democrats, fewer 50% now support the health care law. in a new poll, that's down 10 points from last year. the last downer for obama care comes as florida senator marco rubio said it's time for
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president obama to admit that the health care law has become a disaster. >> we're going to cancel it or come up from something better. instead of doing that, he's doubling down. he wants the law to go forward. >> rubio said that he's also troubled that many workers will lose hours because of obama care. it's now 6 minutes past the hour and time for our top business news. >> the top concern for america's chief financial officers is indeed health kerr. 7 out of 10 of cfos are worried about the impact of obama care. some workers aren't interested in paying for health insurance. the ceo of hardees, take a
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listen. >> the answer was either they can get it for free at the emergency room or that maybe they were on their parents' or a spouse's insurance already. lot of them felt they really under the affordable care act they wouldn't need insurance. why pay the penalty? >> and not including health care, cfos are pretty optimistic, they expect the economy to grow. door to door mail delivery could be a thing of past. and shift to neighborhood cluster boxes. they are cheaper. that proposal due for a vote in congress today. meantime, if you're looking to save money on your next trip, said considers these airports near los angeles,
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long beach, flights average $216 is less than half of what you can expect to pay at l.a.x. is south carolina's myrtle beach's jelport is another favorite. here's a tip, some times layovers come with better a airfare. back to you, ladies. thanks so much, laurnl. overnight, we learned evidence of the snoopg into christine o'donnell's tax cases disappears. state officials believe those records were destroyed. the records would reveal when and how often the tea party candidate's tax records were accessed. o'donnell was on "fox and friends" just a few days ago and
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vows to fight for justice. >> if someone is abusing their power at the irs and improperly accessing the records, private personal records of political candidates and using them to damage them we need answer and o'donnell was reinterviewed for the investigation yesterday. just days after a woman fell to her death on a roller coaster another amusement park is shutting down a similar ride at six flags over san antonio. the 52-year-old killed friday was ejected from her seat and plummeted about 75 feet before striking a metal beam. she was reportedly not strapped in properly to the ride. slugger alex rodriguez might never be allowed to step on a major league diamond ever again. the news coming just days after
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fellow star ryan braun was suspended without pay for the remainder of the season. sources say that a-rod is trying to make a deal with major league baseball that would limit any possible suspension. he met last week with league officials and refused to answer any questions inv p.e.d. probe. time for your first weather with maria. >> some parts of the country seeing a cooldown but you're tracking some of these storms as well. >> that's right. the storms are the reason for the cooldown. we saw areas of rain move on through in the northeast. leaving behind very pleasant temperatures and much lower humidity. ladies, a very nice hair day across the northeast and the great lakes. take a look at these high temperatures. very, very pleasant. a high temperature of just 69
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degrees in cleveland. you're talking about below average. 74 in chicago. meanwhile in texas, san antonio expecting a high temperature at 100. i want to take a quick look across the northeast and the great lakes, these temperatures are absolutely beautiful this time of year. 72 in pittsburgh. burlington, vermont, a high temperature of 70. if you're living in texas, you're probably wondering when are we going to see cooler temperatures? through friday, you're talking upper 90s. this weekend, you're closer to average. by saturday, that same front will cool things down across the parts of the southeast and the plains. very heavy rain rolling through parts of oklahoma and also arkansas and we're expecting more downpours across parts of the southeast and the southern
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plains. >> all right, thank you, maria. it's now 11 minutes past the hour. coming up -- brand-new video inside the plane showing the moment a southwest jet plunged nose first at laguardia airport. and if you thought that the irs learning how to dance on your dime was bad, it just got even worse, brand-new abuse from the already-battle ed agency. all business purchases.
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now get the unmistakable thrill... and the incredible rush... of the mercedes-benz you've always wanted. ♪ but you better get here fast... [ girl ] yay, daddy's here. here you go, honey. thank you. [ male announcer ] because a good thing like this... phew! won't last forever. mmm. [ male announcer ] see your authorized dealer for an incredible offer on the exhilarating c250 sport sedan. but hurry, offers end july 31st. if you thought that the irs learning how to dance on your dime was bad, well, it just got even worse, elizabeth is live in washington with the latest news about the embattled agency. not again, elizabeth.
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>> yeah, unfortunately that's the case, ainsley. releasing a report showing high-level executives had very high travel cost and even traveling unnecessarily in and out of the district. part of the report reads 12 executives were in travel states status for over 200 days in april, 2013, the irs instituted a new travel policy that generally restricts executives from being in travel status. the report suggest that the irs should look into changing this station of executives who are travel something frequently as oppos opposed of paying for their constant need. theers irs has agreed to exam iran the cost benefit of moving some of those executives.
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in response, they write, irs management agreed with the recommendation that the chief financial officer plans to develop and implement guidance to require a business case in each circumstance that would place an employee in a longterm taxable travel situation. the agency has also been scrutinized over its spending recently especially the $50 million it spend on conferencs s up to 2012. ainsley, back to you. >> ouch, all right, thank you, elizabeth, live in washington. some brand-new video showing the moment of a southwest jet plunged nose-first on the tarmac at laguardia airport. investigators now saying when the plane touched down, its nose gear collapsed up and into the
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jet's fuselage and now the plane's data and voice recorders are now at the ntsb labs in washington in the hopes they'll provide some clues on what caused the nose to break. >> check your pantry, the maker of sauces sold at dollar tree, recalling some jars with glass. u.s. lawmakers one step closer to ending war rent leles phone surveillance. the stop nsa collection of people's phone data. nsa surveillance was first revealed last month by edward snowden. nsa director general keith
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alexander is lobbying against the bill. lawmakers in north carolina has just given the go ahead for greater fleblgt when con sealed handguns are concerned. guns can be stored in locked cars on any public school or college campus. the time now is 19 after the top of the hour and coming up next on the rundown -- imagine washing your dishes in your home and this happens. >> i look up, there's a ram bow kind of guy with a vest and a gun. >> wow. >> but this wasn't a robber, it was case of an address mixup. scientists say your pain isn't just in your head over broken hearts. 12k3w4r what? dealer's office and you know what i walked out with? [ slurps ]
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♪ little justin timberlake for you outside of new york city, just as the sun comes up. it was a terrifying moment for a woman in florida, after a police s.w.a.t. team invades her apartment all by mistake, she said that she was washing dishes when the u.s. marshalls suddenly appeared at her door with their guns drawn. >> i see movement. i look up. there's a ram bow kind of guy with i thought it was some bad guys after me. >> they arrested the man they
2:24 am
were eventually looking for in another apartment complex. the hormone that helps us fell in love also prolong the agony when relationships go sour. hormone can also cause emotional pain. this may explain why intense feelings of love can also lead to painful heart ache. phil mickelson's historic win at british open is not so sweet when you see his tax bill. the money will go to great britain and the u.s. and california. check this out. catholics flocking to mobile confession booths like this one. the booths were set up to make it pretty easy for the faithful to be absolved of their sins
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while pope francis is in town. he's there for world youth day. he's expected to hear confessions on friday. the time now is 24 after the top of the hour. coming up -- he's on trial for killing 13 u.s. troops major nidal hasan is still getting paid big bucks. now, today sh, how they're tryi to end that. but first on this day in history back in 1998, saving private ryan was released, the world war ii movie went on to win five academy awards including a second best director oscar for director steven spielberg. wait a sec!
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it's july 24th and for the first time we're hearing police dispatch calls that offer clues into a deadly home invasion in connecticut. >> well, my kids are at home, tied up. >> these calls raising new questions about how officers responded.
2:30 am
could they have saved jennifer hawke-petit and her daughters. and do you know how to escape from chains and duct tape? navy s.e.a.l.s do. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ i hope it will be a magical day for you and your family this morning. good morning, it's wednesday, welcome to "fox and friends first" i'm ainsley earhardt. and i'm heather childers. the boston police officer who released photos of the boston bomb bomber murderer is on desk duty.
2:31 am
he released the photos in response to the "rolling stone" cover featuring dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> throughout this process, he's shown the characteristics that i some day model myself after. >> police officials called murphy's actions disappointing but said that he'll not be fired. never before heard 911 calls from a deadly connecticut home invasion six years ago raising some new questions now about how police responded to that tragedy. on these tapes, cops first questioned jennifer hawke-petit's story when she told a bank teller that her family was being held hostage. >> well, my kids are at home, tied up. >> the ufs aer said that she was calm and she didn't appear upset
2:32 am
as she was withdrawing $15,000 for the suspects. as police surrounded the home, a hostage gauche or the answers a page but is told not to respond. >> the suspects then set fire to that house, they were captured as they were fleeing. hawk-e-petit and her two daughters died. joshua and steven hayes are on death row now for the killings. their lawyers said they might now use these calls to seek a new trial. he's on trial for gunning down 13 u.s. troops but major hasan is still getting paid. now a new bill aims to stop his military pay which is about $80,000 a year, under current law, the military is only
2:33 am
suspend pay for civilian employees. but hasan is still technically in the army. the new bill would allow the military to suspend pay. 13 people were killed in the massacre back in 2009. finally the moment we have been waiting for, prince william and kate middleton revealing their brand-new baby boy. the proud paents said they still haven't settled on a name. >> he's got a pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. he's a big boy, he's quite heavy. but we're still working on a name. we'll have that as soon as we can. >> it's such a special time. any parent, i think, sort of oh know what this feeling feels like. >> afterwards they went back inside the hospital. then you can see, emerged again just moments ago with william
2:34 am
carrying his son in a car seat. the three of them eventually headed off to kensington palace. kate wore a similar polka dot to the one that princess diana wore. president obama is set to deliver a speech on the economy today as he lays out his vision for the middle class. also reports that the white house is trying to figure out how to lend some assistance to city of detroit. doug? >> three speeches throughout the course of the week, all of which will deal with the economy. the first one today in illinois is being billed as a major address. the president will likely argue that the recovery is more or less on the right track but more must be done to keep it going. jay carney suggest that it may involve more spending.
2:35 am
>> and in order to do that we need to make wise investments in education, innovation and inf infrastructure and not cut those programs so we protect special interest. >> this poll from washington post and abc news, his approval numbers specifically on the economy are now upside-down with 49% disapproving and house speaker john boehner offered some of something of a prebuttal. >> he's going to go back and pivot back the jobs. welcome back to the conversation, mr. president, we never left it. >> one thing on to watch is whether the president will mention the recent problems with detroit. doing everything they can avoid to calling it a bailout because
2:36 am
that would likely be deeply unpopular. back to you guys. >> doug live for us. take a look at this insane video of a flash flood as it's flooding through utah. it was all caught on camera by this self-proclaimed flood chaser. >> okay. so, yeah, those things are dangerous. >> he doesn't seem too worried. >> it was one of the most intense flash floods he's ever seen. >> good morning, please do not do that on your own if you're encountering any flash flooding in your area. we do typically showers and storms, it's american monsoon
2:37 am
season across parts of arizona, utah and parts of southern california. it doesn't take very much to produce flash flooding. just one to two inches. because it's a desert that amount of rainfall is a lot for that reason. temperaturewise, in the northeast, today you're encountering a big change. 69 degrees will be the high temperature in the city of cleveland. other cities well below average. 69 degrees in buffalo and syracuse. only 70 in the city of burlington. the humidity also much lower, it will feel very nice out there across the northeast and the great lakes. in texas, the heat continues through friday. eventually that cold front will bring temperatures closer to normal. dallas, showers and storms expected with this frontal system. you can see the forecast through thursday calls for more showers and more thunderstorms from the plains into the southeast.
2:38 am
all right, when it rains, lot of people like to go to the movies. that carries into our next story. well, if you have been to the movies lately your wallet is probably feeling the pain. movie tickets have shot up to an all-time high, $8.38. up 40 cents from a year ago. experts say that the price like is from the surcharge attached to 3-d movies. the price kobts to go up, theaters will lose their young audiences. troubled child star amanda bynes hospitalized for a forced psychiatric evaluation after allegedly setting fire to a neighbor's driveway, this apparently happened in california, drivers spotted the actress on the ground with her pants on fire. police say they soon determined that the 27-year-old was responsible noting that she was in need of a mental health hold. really concerned for her
2:39 am
actually. beyonce attacked by a fan at her concert in montreal. take a look at this. ♪ >> the singer's hair caught in one of those large electric fans on stage, during her song "halo," but beyonce kept on belting it as she and a couple of stage hands worked to work her yank her strands out. >> that's happened to me with a hair drier. businessmen part of an extreme team building opportunities. teaching them military tactics. i decided to head out to west virginia to find out what's going on. in the deep woods of west virginia, a group of senior
2:40 am
executives have been getting the experience of a lifetime, they're training with navy s.e.a.l.s. >> what we wanted to do when this ceo approach me was take these five individuals and take them to a point where military veterans namely s.e.a.l.s go to in their minds where they have to take everything that's important to them in life, set it to the side, and only concentrate on the here and now and the man that's next to them. >> on the first night, they weren't as serious about it, smoking and cigars. now, we're we're a few days into it, what are the biggest changes you have seen? >> they appreciate the guy next to them. >> you're the boss, is it hard to see these guys broken down. >> yeah, each one of us failed at and we paid the price for it.
2:41 am
we had 24 hours of misery and it was, you know, these guys really took our mental end. can we take everything we absorbed in the last 24 hours and apply it? >> they'll be teaming up with the s.e.a.l.s to perform their final task. they're going to rescue a hostage, which is me. >> we're going to show you how to get out. >> the thing to remember when you're bound with duct tape is to keep tension wean your arms. >> one big movement, hard, like this. >> there you go. >> if the bad guy uses chains instead the experts say to stay calm and create a lot of space between your arms. >> starting to come loose. >> there you go. >> oh, there we go. done.
2:42 am
all right, coming up later -- we'll show you the team's final mission, where i am taken hostage and those corporate executives have to put their skills to the test and come and rescue me. >> if it happens you can break free, one quick thing like that. time now is almost quarter to the top of the hour and coming up -- more shame for anthony weiner, another sex scan rocking the former congressman, what does this mean for his mayoral bid up next. the frightening moment when the entire side of this cliff collapses. the great outdoors, and a great deal. grrrr ahhh let's leave the deals to perfect! yep, and no angry bears. up to 30% off. only at
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♪ i'm out of control we just told you about
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beyonce not getting stopped by that fan where she caught her hair in it. she's singing for us this morning as you start your day off. some incredible video showing the moment of a cliff collapses in france, you can see more the 3400 tons of rock plunging towards the beach below. setting off a huge cloud of dust. the people nearby running for their lives. fortunately, we can tell you, no one was hurt. he's a tight end on and off the field. nfl linebacker, jonathan will lard from the tennessee titans rescuing a family from the burning car. he says that's when he jumped in to help the mother and her three children. he reportedly flashed his bri t brights to get them to pull
2:47 am
over. lance armstrong fighting back from a lawsuit from the government. the lawsuit alleges that the postal service spent $40 million to sponsor armstrong who they said misrepresented himself by doping. meanwhile armstrong said that the suit should be dropped because the postal service made millions sponsoring him. more shame this morning for the former congressman anthony weiner leading to growing calls for the disgraced democrat to drop out of the new york city mayoral race. >> reporter: good morning, ainsley. we're waiting to see if anthony weiner has anything more to say. yesterday s yesterday he said that he will not drop out of the mayoral race.
2:48 am
the relationship was revealed by the gossip site the dirty. they said he was working out the sin mom carlos danger. a year after he told us that his problems were behind him. take a listen. >> with 49 days left until primary day, perhaps i'm surprised that more things didn't come out sooner. in many ways things aren't that much different as yesterday. this behavior that i did was problematic to say the least. destructive to say the most. >> anthony's made some horrible mistakes. both before he resigned from congress and after. but i very strongly believe that is between us and our marriage. >> so, we'll see how this ends up affecti ining anthony weiner
2:49 am
he decides to stay in the race. 59% of likely voters would be able to put his indiscretions behind him and worthy of a second chance. two-thirds of those voters were men. about a half were women. we'll see how things go from here. that's the latest from gramercy park. time now is ten minutes till the top of the hour. coming up next -- a massachusetts couple who rushed to save an injured baby seal, they're now facing a $5,000 fine for trying to help, why, that's up next. and it's a presidential remix, it seems that bill clinton might have a new career on youtube. but first, let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox and friends." lieutenant colonel allen west reporting for duty.
2:50 am
new york police commissioner ray kelly is here, he wrote an op-ed that is fantastic. and why there all in their head. and we help you get in fit with crossf crossfit. we kick off from mine minutes from right now. we'll be with you shortly. you need a girls' weekend and you need it now. ladies, let's goo vegas. cute! waiter! girls' weekend here! priceline savings without the bidding. and experience the connectivity of the available lexus enform, including the es and rx.
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♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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they're sending hunters into the pacific northwest to shoot
2:54 am
owls. the plan, hoping to save spotted owls from ins tings. it's expect ed to cost . it was just barely floating. he was trying to take a breath, as i got a little bit closer to him, he jumped right on up on my shoulder. shoulder. of the federal marine mammal protection act. akwaeurpl officials say even though the couple's intentions were good if you see a seal you should not approach it. >> an ohio judge handing out a unique sentence. a woman must spend the next five christmases in jail. it is what judge holbrook calls a holbrook holiday. he makes people give up
2:55 am
five i have their favorite -- five of their favorite holidays behind bars. if young misses one christmas jail stint she will go to christmas for 15 years. >> former president bill clinton has a new career. ♪ you want to be ♪ a good girl ♪ you're far ♪ from plastic ♪ talk about ♪ get plastic ♪ [rapping] >> that's bill clinton singing robin thick's "blurred lines." the video has gone viral with more than 100 million views on youtube. >> still ahead, talk about a buzz kill. while taking a sip of your favorite beverage may reverse the effects of your workout. my name is mike and i quit smoking.
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>> time to lock at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. a bride turned to walk down the aisle into a crazy flash mob. [music] looks like ainsley's wedding. she retreated 100 guests to dance to "call me maybe." the bad, a new study finds red wine undoes the benefits of a workout. researchers found antioxidants reversed the positive effects on cholesterol levels. the ugly. americans' disapproval of congress hitting a new high.
3:00 am
83% of those surveyed gave congress thumbs down in the "wall street journal" poll. >> thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts now. have a wonderful day. ♪ >> we made it to the middle of the week. it is wednesday, july 24. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. this morning evidence that could have blown the lid off the i.r.s. scandal. vanishes into thin air? what happened to the records that showed initials snooped on christine o'donnell's records. officials say we lost them. will americans buy that excuse? >>steve: busted sending smut again. busted lying again. now he -- the guy with no shirt on -- wants your forgiveness again. can voters ever believe anything anthony weiner has to say? >>brian: is this a repeat from last


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